Shani Diluka © Eric Dahan
Prabhu Edouard © Rémi Hostekind
Sahana Banerjee © Sandeep Virdee

Thu, 14 Feb 2019 19:30

Cosmos: Beethoven Ragas


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€ 17.00

Past Event

Beethoven and Indian music don't really seem to go together at first glance. But a look at Beethoven's notebooks confirms that he did indeed take an interest in Far Eastern art and culture, which were becoming better known in Europe at the time. The composer counted the leading Austrian Oriental scholar and translator Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall among his acquaintances. French pianist Shani Diluka takes this remarkable connection as the basis for a very special evening. She joins forces with two outstanding Indian soloists and follows up concrete musical parallels: from the meditative, circling opening of the Moonlight Sonata, she glides over to traditional moonlight ragas – Indian pieces that are characterised by specific moods and tonal progressions. This works surprisingly well, showing once again that spirituality in music is not confined by national boundaries.